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Brand new, not rebuilt, Delco LT5 water pumps with the correct casting #10135833

Fits all ZR-1 Corvettes, 90-95

$320.00 each (check or money order)

     12.00 shipping (continental US only, Canada email for quote)

     10.00 PayPal fees (optional payment method)


There has been some confusion about the different Delco numbers and rebuilt vs. new.

There are presently 2 different Delco part numbers in the Delco system. The "old" Delco #251-561 is phased out by "new" Delco #252-703. Same pump, different supplier to Delco.  GM #10159599 is the Delco unit with casting #10135833. It has also appeared with GM #10135875 on the Delco box label, same casting number, brand new, no gasket.

Bottom line: There is no difference in pumps for any these part numbers.  All are identical, brand new units made by/for Delco for the LT5 only. No remanufactured pumps were ever offered by Delco or GM. 

GM discontinued the #10159599 water pump 3/07. As of July, 2007, there were 3 left in dealership inventory around the country and the price quoted has been in excess of $600.

These are good ZR-1 components to put on the shelf for spare parts.